[WIP WEBSITE] Hey there! 👋 I'm Tejas Agarwal
high school sophomore hacking his way through life
code ~ music ~ math ~ design
programmer a stackoverflow-er by choice and a student by chance, i began a new chapter of my life at the age of 12 when i learnt to code. i've been on an adventure in the tech world since then and have fallen in love with many pieces of software like typescript, rust, svelte and discovered my passion for mathematics and designing.

if code is my ying, then music is my yang. i'm not a fan of a specific genre, just anything that my ears find interesting. i also to love play the guitar and ukulele and hoping to learn more instruments soon! more random things i like include marvel, anime, instant noodles, tacos.

i currently work at codeday where i make tech a better and safer place for teen hackers and at hack club where i work with the logistics team to provide a better experience to students in india.